The Bella Bridal Countdown – Part Five

Two weeks to go

Now it’s just a question of maintenance and keeping up with your skincare and body routines. “At this stage, its more a question of what not to do. Don’t try any new products and don’t be tempted to stray from your recommended treatment plan,” advises Hayley. Make sure you’ve booked in for your hair cut and colour, as Jason says: “Allowing time for the colour and cut to settle is really important, so I’d advise doing this at least two weeks in advance. It might be an idea to book your make-up trial at the same time so that you can work with the tones in the hair as well as the dress and the overall look. ”

One week to go

A few days before the wedding book in for a body treatment such as the ESPA Salt and Oil Scrub which will leave your skin ultra smooth and if you plan to have a salon tan applied before the wedding your skin will be in the best possible condition for an even colour application. “It’s a nice idea to book a back and shoulder massage alongside the body scrub,” says Hayley. “Most brides are feeling a little stressed by this stage and it’s good to relax and really enjoy your time as the bride.”

Your waxing, self tan and pedicure can be done two or three days before the wedding date. Leave at least 24 hours between waxing and your tan appointment to avoid any chance of irritated skin.

Bella Spa recommends having their exclusive Intraceuticals Facial the day before your wedding. It’s been dubbed the ‘red carpet facial’ because celebrities book it before big occasions like the Oscars. The treatment infuses serums deep into the skin to plump out fine lines and leave you glowing. It’s also best to leave your manicure until the day before and then all that remains on your beauty to-do list is to make time for a relaxing bath the night before. Light an ESPA Soothing candle and pour a little of the divinely relaxing Soothing Bath Oil. It’s aromatic blend of sensual Sandalwood, exotic Ylang Ylang, Lavender and deeply calming Patchouli will melt away any stress and strain, brighten your outlook and help promote deep, restful sleep, ready for your big day!