New! ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser

ESPA’s new moisturiser has a silky formula and delivers advanced, responsive hydration to where its most needed.

So whatever the season and whether your skin is oily, dry or normal, the ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser will provide balanced moisture and help to ensure it looks beautifully healthy.


ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoistusier

Hayley Fox of Bella Spa in Guernsey shares her view of the new ESPA hydration hero.

What are the ingredients?

As you’d expect from ESPA the new Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser contains some powerful botanical ingredients. These include South African resurrection plant, which helps to calm redness and sensitivity caused by dehydration. It’s a great ingredient to use for our skin in Guernsey, when we are outside in the elements a lot.

Sunflower extract and incha incha oil are both humectants – they help to preserve optimal moisture levels in the skin and protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The formula also contains all-important antioxidants thanks to an algae extract and also hyaluronic acid which is a great skin hydrator and anti-ager.

What makes the new moisturiser different?

The Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is a next-generation moisturiser and uses advanced responsive hydration to target the delivery of nutrient-rich, hydrating actives to where skin requires them most. It’s ‘smart skincare’.

Describe the texture and how it feels on skin.

It’s gorgeous! It feels like cashmere – lightweight and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly too – I’ve loved trialing it for the spa.

Who is the moisturiser suitable for?

Regardless of season or environment, whether skin is oily, normal or dehydrated the moisturiser really is for everyone.

What results have you been seeing with the new moisturiser?

I’ve been testing it myself and I have definitely seen increased hydration and radiance in the skin plus it’s a perfect base for make-up.

What other products does it work well with?

I recommend using it with the ESPA Optimal Pro Serum that is used underneath the moisturiser to help brighten and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, firm and protect against premature ageing. The two products work well together as part of an anti-ageing routine.

The ESPA Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is now in stock at Bella Spa Guernsey