Introducing WelleCo

Meet the newest wellness products to arrive at Bella Spa.Fuel a balanced life - verticle

WelleCo’s SUPER ELIXIR™ Alkalising Greens and Nourishing Protein are power powders formulated by Elle Macpherson’s nutritional doctor and are now available in Guernsey, exclusively at Bella Spa.

The cult products were developed by Dr Simone Laubscher PhD in response to today’s busy and stressful lifestyles. When Elle tried them alongside some other changes to her diet she felt the benefits and so her wellness brand – WelleCo – was born.

Dr Laubscher believes that good health is associated with lower tissue alkalinity and that the Alkalising Greens can be used alongside a healthy diet to increase vitality.

The Alkalising Greens formula has been formulated to help your body maintain good nutrition and balance its pH balance. It combines 45 natural ingredients that include super greens, Chinese herbs, digestive enzymes and super antioxidant extracts from the Maitake mushroom family.

The all-in-one nutritional supplement is so comprehensive you just need two teaspoons a day to get a powerhouse blend of antioxidants, alkalising greens, probiotics, vitamins and minerals.

The greens are gluten and dairy free and can be mixed with water, coconut water or into your favourite juice or smoothie. The effects should be felt after a week or two of continuous use and devotees report feeling more energetic, with fewer sugar cravings and a better immune system.

The SUPER ELIXIR™ Nourishing Protein is available in two delicious flavours and is a vegan, plant-based formula. It is blended from organic peas, dandelions, pomegranates, sprouted brown rice and pea proteins which together contain nine different essential amino acids.

Nourishing Protein smoothie bowl 3

High quality protein will help to keep you fuller for longer and balance your blood sugar levels. The delicious protein powders also boost your fibre and vitamin B levels.

Choose between vanilla or the raw Peruvian cacao chocolate flavour – both are delicious in smoothies and shakes for breakfast or after a workout to boost your protein and slow-burning energy levels.

‘I’ve been searching for a wellness product that I really believe in for many years,’ says Hayley Fox, Founder of Bella Spa. ‘WelleCo’s Alkalising Powder simplifies things, two little scoops and I feel great on the inside but it’s a real skin and hair booster too.

‘Bella Spa has always believed that beauty starts from within. What we put into our bodies shows up in the quality of our skin, nails and hair. And whilst nothing replaces a good diet, the Nourishing Protein and Alkalising Greens make it a little easier to get all the goodness we need.’

WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR™ is available exclusively at Bella Spa. Want to know more? Call us on 01481 235417 or email



SUPER ELIXIR™ Alkalising Greens 300g Caddy – £92.00

A perfect starter pack, complete with a sleek black caddy.

SUPER ELIXIR™ Alkalising Greens 300g Refill – £57.00

SUPER ELIXIR™ Nourishing Protein 500g – £57.00

Raw Peruvian Cacao chocolate flavour or Vanilla.

Hydrator Bottle – £18.00

Shake and take your SUPER ELIXIR™ anywhere.